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P.L.A.Y 音乐&娱乐经纪公司

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About P.L.A.Y
P.L.A.Y Artists
Black Water
关于 P.L.A.Y

追求最新潮流的电子音乐,呈现最具娱乐性的现场 --- 这就是P.L.A.Y.  总办公室设在中国上海,欧洲团队办公室设在欧盟总部比利时布鲁塞尔;P.L.A.Y 艺人团队在欧洲甚至全世界挖掘潜力新星,定下百大DJ独家档期,呈现国内用户新锐听觉潮流;

P.L.A.Y 执行团队拥有15年以上执行娱乐演出经验,负责近百场大型音乐活动/演唱会/派对节目策划、舞台管理与舞美设计,为国内用户带来国际氛围大型音乐现场体验; P.L.A.Y 运营团队为全世界娱乐产业背景人才组成,无缝接轨欧洲、美国、中国、东南亚音乐市场。

About P.L.A.Y

Pursuing the latest trend of electronic music, presenting the most entertaining live scene---- Introducing P.L.A.Y., main office based in Shanghai, China, European team's office in EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The P.L.A.Y artist booking team sign the most potential EDM music rising stars in Europe and around the world, book exclusive schedules of World Top 100 DJs, present the latest EDM trends for mainland China users; 

The P.L.A.Y. event management team has more than 15 years of experience in entertainment performances, and is responsible for nearly a hundred large-scale music events / concerts/ parties regarding of event planning, stage management and design, bring mainland China users large-scale-world-class music live music experience; P.L.A.Y operation team are talents with international background of the in entertainment industry and seamlessly integrates with music markets of Europe, the United States, China and Southeast Asia.


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